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National Rental Affordability Index

The National Rental Affordability Index 2nd release for 2018 is now available for download.

National Shelter, Community Sector Banking, SGS Economics and Planning and the Brotherhood of St Laurence have released the National Rental Affordability Index biannually since 2015. It is an indicator of the relative affordability or otherwise of private rental homes with a particular focus on households in income quintiles 1 and 2.

Attached for download is briefing with screenshots from the release, 5 key findings for Canberra and a screenshot of the interactive map showing the ACT is unaffordable to severely unaffordable territory-wide for a household with a pre-tax income of $50,000 a year.


The most interesting tool for you is probably the interactive map which lets you put in both incomes and bedroom numbers to work out relative affordability for particular income earning groups.


ACT Shelters Vision

What we want to achieve in the long-term in a perfect world. ACT Shelter believes that housing is a human right. Our vision is that everyone’s home be recognised as the safe, secure, affordable, sustainable foundation to well-being.


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