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ACT Shelter Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028


Everyone living in the ACT has a home that is safe, secure, appropriate, and affordable.

Our vision means a housing system where … Renting is an attractive long-term housing choice. Social housing meets community needs. Home ownership is possible for every income. Homelessness is addressed.


Working together for housing justice.

Our Values


We believe everyone is entitled to safe, secure, appropriate, and affordable housing.  We prioritise the needs of people with low, moderate and no incomes. 

We understand the complexities of vulnerable and marginalised populations.


We engage with professionalism in our organisation, with members and with stakeholders. We believe that respectful relationships are fundamental to driving change.


We develop and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders. We participate in sector-level forums and partner with other organisations to maximise our impact. We are recognised for our expertise in systemic housing issues.



We focus on achieving our vision. 

We don’t give up, even when the environment changes and the challenges seem impossible. 

We are resilient.

Who we are

ACT Shelter is a not-for-profit peak that provides advocacy and strategic advice on systemic housing issues affecting people in the ACT. We are an informed and independent voice on housing policy issues affecting the ability of people on low, moderate or no incomes to have a home that is safe, secure, appropriate, and affordable. The right to adequate housing for all Canberrans underpins everything we do.


We will know we’ve been successful when
A strong voice for systemic housing justice.

Housing outcomes in the ACT are improved: every person can access a home that is safe, secure, appropriate, and affordable.

ACT Shelter is influential in all ACT government decisions on systemic housing issues. 

There is a coordinated and informed sector response to advancing housing outcomes.

Candidates and political parties reflect ACT Shelter’s advocacy.

Public discourse on housing reflects that housing is not just a commodity or financial investment: a secure home is a foundation for participating in community, socially, economically, and politically.

ACT Shelter is a capable and sustainable peak body.

Current funding level is retained in real terms, and additional funding is sought where needed to achieve our strategic intent.

Clear and effective governance and operational systems are in place.

Expert staff are recruited and retained.

Membership is representative of housing system stakeholders. 

Executive Committee positions are filled with appropriately skilled volunteers.

ACT Shelter continues its effective collaboration on national housing policies with National Shelter.

ACT Shelter Strategic Program Logic 2024

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