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Inquiry into the Property Developers Bill 2023

ACT Shelter Submission

The Property Developers Bill 2023 was presented in the Assembly on 30 November 2023.  

According the the Government, the Bill:

  • Establishes a licensing scheme for individuals and entities that engage in residential development activity.
  • Establishes a regulatory scheme to bring property developers into the regulatory chain of accountability for building work they are involved in.
  • Imposes obligations on individuals and entities that undertake residential development activity.
  • Creates a statutory presumption that a claimed defect is a defect unless the builder and/or property developer prove to the contrary for a time-limited period.
  • Extends the application of existing statutory warranties for residential building work to property developers to provide consumers with legal recourse directly to both the property developer and the builder if there are defects in residential building work to which the warranties apply that amounts to a breach of statutory warranties.

The scheme established by the Bill will apply to individuals and entities that engage in residential development activity and mixed-use residential development activity, that is the development of a mixed-use building that contains a residential component. Any expansion of the scheme to other property development activity will require a Bill.

The objects of the Bill are to:

  • Protect the public by ensuring that residential development activities are carried out by people that are competent and have the capacity and capability to undertake those activities.
  • Protect the public by ensuring property developers engaged in residential development activity are held responsible and accountable for development activities they carry out.
  • Promote public confidence in the standard of residential development activities undertaken by property developers.

At its meeting on 14 December 2023, the Standing Committee on Planning, Transport and City Services (the Committee) resolved to undertake an inquiry into the Property Developers Bill 2023. The Committee will report back to the Assembly by the last sitting day in March 2024. At its meeting on 6 February 2024, the Legislative Assembly resolved the reporting date be extended to 30 March 2024.

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Our two page submission is below, click on the page to see the second page:

 ACT Shelter submission on the Property Developers Bill 2023