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Working with People with High and Complex Needs in Homelessness Services & the ACT Housing Asset Assistance Program – Evidence Review

In 2023 ACT Shelter undertook a desktop review project for Housing ACT to be used as a resource for the new procurement process for providing appropriate services for people not engaging with existing support services

The research paper provides: 

  • A collated list of available source data that considers:
    • The characteristics of highly vulnerable service users and their links to homelessness. Factors could include difficulty to engage, the need for resource intensive and longer-term support to sustain a tenancy, and characteristics such as significant and / or enduring behaviours and comorbidities.
    • Contemporary, evidence-based service delivery models of support and policy frameworks from other Australian jurisdictions and OECD countries.
    • Models of support include case management, assertive outreach, coordination and / or brokerage, consider what timely and responsive support looks like for this cohort, and policy considerations to support proposed models of care.
  • A summary of insights drawn from the data 


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Working with People with High and Complex Needs – Evidence Review